Trend Alert: Hot Rollers Are Back!!

Vogue Gisele Hot RollersThought the days of your hot rollers were over? You thought wrong! The unique look of curls produced by hot rollers is now back in style. The curls of hot rollers are curvaceous, smooth and natural looking. This is very unlike the curls of a curling iron, which are usually very well defined and do not seem to be natural. Now depending on the length and thickness of your hair you’ll want to get the right product. For most people, any hot roller will do unless you have long or very thick hair. Hot rollers for long and thick hair are usually made of titanium and are usually more effective than their counterparts. And then of course, don’t forget to spray your hair before and after the use of your hot rollers. This will help you keep your hairstyle in place!

How to Use Hot Rollers

Now we know some of you might be not be familiar with how to use hot rollers. Since it’s important to use hot rollers the right way in order to produce and maintain nice curls, we made a list of suggestions you should follow.

Things you will need:

  • Hot rollers
  • Heat protection spray
  • Fixative spray
  • 40 minutes


  1. Clean and condition your hair.
    This will make it easier for you too set your hair in place. After, dry your hair lightly.
  2. Apply a heat protection spray while your hair is still wet.
    This will help you spread it to all your hair. Wait for your hair to dry before proceeding any further.
  3. Apply fixative spray to your hair before applying the hot rollers.
    This will make them stay in place once everything is over.
  4. Put on the hot rollers, in the way and style you want your hair to be curled.
    Then wait 20-30 minutes.
  5. Remove the rollers and tease the hair very lightly.
    Don’t over do it, you don’t want your hair to lose it’s shape.
  6. Apply a last layer of fixative spray.
    This will maintain your hair in place for a much longer period of time.

If our list wasn’t enough, you can watch this Youtube video that shows exactly what to do.

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Top Hair Accessory Trends of 2016

Hair accessories make you and your hair stand out more than you would with plain hair. Accessorizing hair is a bit tricky and most people ignore it because they do not know how to accessorize. If you are one of the people with no clue on how to use headbands, leather hair accessories and bows, I got your back. Below is a list of the easiest and most comfortable hair accessories; fall/ winter 2015-2016 top accessory trends.



floral headband1. Headbands

Head bands pull your hair from your face to give you a classy feminine look. They hold your hair together preventing stray hair strands from falling in your face; this gives you a bold and relaxed look. This draws attention to your eyes. Head bands come in different materials; pearly, satin, leather, floral, sparkles, etc. Any beautiful and eye catchy material can be used for a headband. You can also go for bold colours like pink and orange that will definitely draw all attention to you and your hair.




2. Leather

Leather HeadbandSince time immemorial leather has been used for other accessories like belts, bags, shoes etc. People are getting bolder and experimenting more. Leather hair accessories are among the top fall 2015 hair accessories. They come in different forms; you can have a band, clip, a string etc. They are simple yet classy and people might mistake them for other materials. Apart from the bands, they are usually small pieces that even fascinate people more as they try to figure out what they are.





Small Hair Bows3. Bows

The fall of 2015 has seen the use of small bows. As opposed to big bows that one will use just one bow, with small bows you can use as many as you want to adorn your hair. Hair bows give you a delicate and youthful appearance as they are associated with little girls. They are usually added at the end of braids. Apart from the number of bows, you can also play around with different colors. Like bands, they can also be jeweled.



Adorning your hair is very important and you must get it right. Draw attention to your hair, but don’t draw all the attention to it. You are the one that is supposed to stand out more and not the accessory; the accessory should just act like an attraction to you. It should be telling people: ”hey, check out this awesome lady” and not the other way round.

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